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It is our goal and our dedication to bring to you durable and well designed products at fiercely competitive prices. Backed by warranties and unparalleled customer service, our products are sure to impress.

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Integrated LCD Display with Push Button Features

Low Water Level Sensor with Automatic Pump Shutoff

Automatic Water Source Fill and Shutoff Valve

3 Speed Direct Drive Motor

Solid Piece Rigid Media Pad

Debris/Dust Rear Screen

Automatic Oscillating Vertical Louvers

30” Fan Assembly (AC-11 only)
24” Fan Assembly (AC-7 only)

Manual Water Fill and Ice Drop Door

35 Gallon Water Reservoir (AC-11 only)
16 Gallon Water Reservoir (AC-7 only)

Low Water Indicator

What Is Evaporative Cooling?

In low-humidity areas, evaporating water into the air provides a natural and energy-efficient means of cooling. Evaporative coolers, also called swamp coolers, rely on this principle.  By passing outdoor air over water-saturated pads via fan and motor assembly, the water in the pads evaporate, reducing the air temperature by 15°- to 40°F-before it is directed into the workspace.

Cool Air For When
You Need It The Most

There is no need for harsh or dangerous chemicals, a Viking cooler is the smarter, safer, and more energy efficient choice.

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