How Does a Portable Swamp Cooler Work?

Portable swamp coolers are a great way to cool down a room. They’re better for the environment than traditional air conditioning. The units use less electricity, are much more efficient, and do not contain dangerous refrigerant chemicals. A swamp cooler uses a very simple process that is similar to the way the human body cools itself down. Three essential components make up the cooling system.

1. Fan

An evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler, uses a fan to draw in hot air through the back of the unit. Generally, the larger the fan, the more space the unit can cool.

2. Wicking Pad

A porous material such as a wicking pad sits at the center of the machine This material allows both water and air to pass through it. If a user has hard water, they might consider employing a filter or tablets to prevent minerals from building up on the pad.

3. Water

Water passes through the wicking media and a small amount evaporates into the air, cooling it down. Thus, a swamp cooler does not use any kind of harmful chemicals. Evaporation alone is sufficient to make the temperature more comfortable.
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