How Portable Evaporative Coolers Cool Down a Warehouse

As temperatures rise across the globe, cooling solutions are more important than ever. Traditional air conditioners use a liquid refrigerant with a high energy cost. In contrast, portable evaporative coolers use less energy and cool with the natural process of evaporation. They can work to lower the temperature of a warehouse by over 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The process is simple and affordable.

A Portable Cooler Reduces Heat Through Evaporation

First, an evaporative cooler draws in hot, dry air using a fan system. Large fans quickly and efficiently bring hot air to the wicking mats. These mats bring up water from a reservoir at the base of the machine. As the air passes through the mat, the water evaporates.

This mechanism changes liquid water to gaseous water, which requires heat. So, the heat from the air is absorbed in the evaporation process. Overall, it uses significantly less energy than liquid refrigerant.

A Portable Cooler Sends Out Cool Air

Next, the powerful fans of the evaporative cooler push the cool air throughout the room. The process of drawing in hot air and forcing out cool air can quickly fill a warehouse. A more comfortable temperature creates a better work environment and prevents items in the warehouse from getting too hot. And, portable units allow workers to choose the exact areas that need to be cooled.

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