Viking Cooler FAQ's

FAQ 1:  Is there a warranty on my Viking Evaporative Cooler?

– All Viking model coolers come with a 6 month limited warranty that includes free replacement parts due to defect in manufacturing or workmanship. Motors are covered for 1 year from date of purchase.

FAQ 2: Where can I find replacement parts for my unit?

– We maintain stock of all parts for all models advertised on our site. Common parts can be purchased directly from our website or picked up locally from our shop in Mesa, Arizona. Give us a call if you need assistance with ordering any parts not found on our website.

FAQ 3: I just turned on my unit for the first time and the motor runs but no water is being pumped across media pad, what do I do?

– Ensure the display shows water in the tank (a solid media pad picture at top left of control pad display). Press “COOL” button. On initial startup, the motor will delay 30-90 seconds to allow pump to prime media pad before starting automatically. Disconnect from power and reconnect if you continue experiencing trouble. This will allow the unit to reset it’s start-up cycle.

FAQ 4: How long will my media pad last?

– With proper care, your media pad can last for years. The use of hard water filters and calcium preventative tablets will extend the life of the pad. Turning off the “COOL” feature and allowing your pad to dry thoroughly will help as well.
FAQ 5: How often should I drain the reservoir?
– Dirt and dust will accumulate in the reservoir over time. Draining the reservoir once a week and rinsing with clean water through the ice drop door will help keep all components clean and extend the life of the unit. 
FAQ 6: Can you deliver my Viking  Cooler?
– Contact us to see if we can deliver to you!
FAQ 7: Where is the best place to use my Evaporative Cooler?
– Staying cool is easiest if you live in an area like the Southwest where there is low humidity and high temperatures.  However, they are efficient and effective cooling solutions in any environment when used in outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces. 
Some of our happiest clients have used our coolers to cool down data centers, warehouses, and stables. 
FAQ 8:  How should I prepare my evaporative cooler for storage at the end of the season?
– Drain the reservoir and rinse with clean water. Refill reservoir and run pump to cycle clean water through media pad for 15 mins. Shut off pump by pressing “COOL” on the control pad.Allow fan to operate until media pad is completely dry. Drain reservoir. Cover unit with Viking custom storage cover and store in dry place.
FAQ 9: Are evaporative coolers more energy efficient?
-It costs less to run an evaporative cooler than an AC. They are more energy efficient because they require about 75% less electricity and limited amounts of water to run. 
Additionally, because there is no need for harsh or dangerous chemicals, a Viking Cooler is the smarter, safer, and more energy efficient choice.
FAQ 10: Are returns accepted?
-Any unused, unopened product may be returned within 7 days of purchase (or delivery date if shipped). Return shipping will be at the expense of the purchaser. 
Opened or used items will not be accepted for return without management approval and are subject to 25% restocking/refurbishment fee, if approved.
FAQ 11: What can we add to our Viking Cooler FAQ to help you?
-If there is anything we have not answered for you, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask. 
Chances are someone else wants to know too. Let us know, we will get your questions answered directly and then add it to our FAQ. Thank You!
Evaporative Cooler, staying cool

Please contact us if you are unsatisfied with your purchase so we may correct it.